As a pioneer in non-invasive heart surgery, Dr Martin Bruwer may seem like an unlikely candidate to also do pioneering work on feed for game, yet this is exactly what he has done. He grew up in the South-eastern Transvaal knowing from a young age that he wanted to be a surgeon and went on to study medicine at the University of Pretoria (Tuks).

In the last five years, Dr Bruwer has become well-known for his work in minimal invasive surgery – he was the first to perform this type of surgery in South Africa and is a highly respected and acknowledged, expert Cardiac Thoracic Surgeon.

Dr Bruwer speaks frankly when he says, “Surgery is a challenge and the work is never monotonous, with every patient being different. I admit that, earlier in my career I tried my hand at plastic surgery but could not replace my fascination with the heart, which is a magnificent organ.” His passion for surgery lies in the fact that “it shows immediate results.”

Dr Bruwer collected plants as a hobby during his years as a student – both pre and post-graduate. The plant hobby has been very rewarding and doesn’t infringe on his first love, heart surgery.

Dr Bruwer remembers his Cycad journey starting out in a very small space where he lived while studying, and the soil and size of the area were not suitable for a wide variety of plants. He became acquainted with and got to know many of the stalwarts in the Cycad industry. His inborn curiosity, scientific approach and love for Cycads, led him to assist Dr Isak Cronje to develop a root feeding and transplant assistance medium for these highly endangered plants. The cycads in his possession were taken care of with great pride and careful nurturing and grew to majestic beauty.

Dr Bruwer has, for some time, been growing Cycads on property he owns in the Lowveld, with some of the land unfortunately not really suited to this. After a failed attempt at growing tomatoes where the Cycads did not thrive he turned to lucern, which is where Wellness Game Feed started.

It was by chance that he became involved in the industry and in teaming up with Prof. Willie van Niekerk, renowned scientist in animal nutrition, a product was systematically developed to assist with the feeding of game.

The end result is Wellness Game Feed, which is lucern-based supplementary feed scientifically precise in its composition, to ensure maximum benefit for wildlife breeding.

The primary formula, Wellness Feed for Game, was scientifically developed to suit all game and especially antelope like sable. In the near future two more supplementary formulas are expected to become available; Wellness Feed for Buffalo and Wellness Feed for Rhino.

Balanced amounts of energy, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals are included in the formula. It is free of any urea or other toxic pesticides.